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This is How Vodka Save Your Life and Solve all your Problems

Vodka very famous as Russian beverages liquor. Why is so popular? because its contains 40% alcohol, that make Vodka have strong taste and suit to consume on cold weather. Traditionally, vodka is made by the distillation of fermented cereal grains or potatoes, though some modern brands use other substances, such as fruits or sugar.

The word Vodka or wódka referred to chemical compounds such as medicines and cosmetics cleansers, while the popular beverage currently known as vodka was called gorzałka (from the Old Polish verb gorzeć meaning "to burn"), which is also the source of Ukrainian horilka (горілка). The word written in Cyrillic appeared first in 1533, in relation to a medicinal drink brought from Poland to Russia by the merchants of Kievan Rus.

But do you know Vodka can save yout lives in many ways, we try to list down how you should use Vodka in many different things.

1. You can spray vodka on your musty smelling clothes to get rid of the odour

remove odor with vodka

2. Vodka also makes an excellent cleaning agent

cleaning sink with vodka

Clean your glass windows and sinks with leftover vodka.

3. It also helps remove rust from rusty metal

cleaning rusty metal using vodka

Soak the rusty things in vodka for a while and then wipe them clean.

4. Keep your cut flowers fresh with few drops of vodka

watering flower with vodka

Put a few drops of vodka in the water and voila!

5. Clean jewellery by soaking them in some vodka for a while

clean jewelry with vodka

6. Vodka also works as garden weeds remover

remove weeds with vodka

Spray it on the weeds to make them die faster.

7. Get rid of all the molds in your washroom with the help of some vodka spray

clean molds with vodka

8. Vodka makes a good ice pack as well

vodka relieve pain

Mix half portions of vodka and water, keep it in the freezer for a while and use it to soothe those achy muscles.

9. Get rid of the stinking smell from your shoes by spraying vodka inside

get rid shoes odor with vodka

10. You can heal a cold sore by dabbing some vodka on it

vodka kill germs

11. And treat a jellyfish sting by using the same process

healing jelly fish sting with vodka

12. Vodka helps with removing stickers and band-aids by dissolving the adhesive in it

vodka clean aid tips mark

13. You can also use vodka as mouth wash

vodka mouth wash

Using few drops of essential oil, distilled water and vodka, you can make your own mouthwash.

14. And vodka helps greatly if you have a dandruff problem

shampooing with vodka

Mix some vodka with your shampoo and use it while showering.

15. Vodka can work as a natural astringent for your skin

smoothing face with vodka

Soak a cotton ball in some vodka and use it to do a face clean up.

So, let's have some vodka now, cheers!


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