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Greatest Boxing Knockout Of The Year Gabriel Bracero vs Danny O'Conner. Gabriel sent Danny to had Sweet Dreams on Ring

Million eyes having boxingasme last day,  one moment of the greatest punch of the year shown of this hightention boxing match. This match giving a big lesson to both of fighter that never put down your arm defence and stay on alert everytime you'r on the ring. Its only need milliseconds to throw a punch that make you sleep before you remember what happened to you.

A rematch between Gabriel Bracero and Danny O'Conner ended in spectacular fashion in front of O'Conner's home crowd. The young man in the green and black striped shorts believed he was a much different fighter than the first time they fought. There was no way he was going to lose this match, he worked too hard. The sweat and energy spent training would propel him to victory. That is, until he threw a lazy left and left his chin wide open. Gabriel Bracero countered that left with a looping right of his own. O'Conner was snoring before he hit the mat, leaving the crowd in shock. He probably doesn't even remember what went wrong...

Gabriel Bracero vs Danny O'Conner


It was at this moment that Danny knew he messed up.

Gabriel Bracero KO Danny O'corner left punch

In the video below you'll see the knockout of the year. It starts out with both boxers feeling each other out until the boxer with the man bun's costly mistake. The KO left him asleep on the mat for a minute or two, but he was ultimately fine. Maybe he'll use this as motivation for his next fight, maybe he'll never watch the replay, but regardless... 

Congratulations to Gabriel Bracero on this victory!



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