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Sneaky President, Barack Obama Show Up in American's Couple Wedding Ceremony

Stephanie and Brian Tobe probably will never be forgotten their wedding day. Because, on the day of uninvited guest make everyone shocked.

US President Barack Obama attended the wedding of Tobe and Stephanie. Tobe wedding ceremony held in Torrey punes Golf Course, where by chance Obama was playing golf the same location.

Tobe's wedding photographer wrote, "Brian and Stephanie had been dressed up in the hotel with their families, preparing to perform the ceremony. They can not go out into the balcony, so they just look at Obama from window,"

Unexpectedly, after completing a round of golf, Obama sneaky to the wedding ceremony and gave greetings to the 60 guests who were sitting waiting for the couple.

Stephanie, the bride did not want to miss meet with president.  "We ran into the nearest lift, and I hold my dress, and ran on the field in order to meet with the president," said Stephanie.

Stephanie ran after Obama's effort was successful. She and her husband, took a picture together and chatted briefly with Obama.

All moments are captured by their wedding photographer named Jeff.

"I do not really remember what he said, but he was so relaxed, and said" no, no, you know .... you must not step on her wedding dress (Stephanie), "said Brian groom.

"I think it is our first marriage advice," he added.


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