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7 Ways How to Style Stick Straight Hairs So It Wouldn't Come Off Again

If every morning you mourn about the fact that no matter what you do with your hair, whichever way you style it or whatever new accessory you put on it, it will just come off in about an hour.

You have that kind of straight hair that most women visit salons regularly to get. These hairstyles for straight hair which might help you too, if you have the fate of having stick straight hair!

1. The French roll

This simple yet super elegant hairstyle is perfect for work, especially if you want to impress new clients in a meeting or want to maintain a mysterious aura about yourself. 

2. The low messy bun

Once you have made a low ponytail, you can tweak with it to turn it into this simple yet beautiful messy bun. Added perk, it adds volume to your hair. Such a win-win situation.

3. The braid bun

This braid bun is the perfect way to add loads of volume and class to your straight hair. Once you’re done making the braids out of the ponytails, you just have to twist them around each other to make the bun and pin it, to make it stay in its place. 

4. Another braid hairband

For this super chick hairstyle, all you need to do is take a small section of your hair from one of the sides, make a thin braid, pull the braid to the other side of the head and pin it. Tease your hair a bit for some added volume, and you’re ramp ready!

5. The bouffant ponytail

This bouffant ponytail is not only classy, it also makes your thin hair voluminous and beautiful. Add some red lipstick and you’re good to go!

6. The Mini Mouse bow

Now this baby is a bit hard to do, but once you’re done, this super cute hairdo wouldn’t leave any space for you to regret. Dress up in floral or pastel, you just can’t go wrong with this style.

7. Flowing curly hair

Finally, if you’re seriously bored of your straight hair too much, just go for a quick curl. Instead of these steps, you can just wet your hair with water or put some hairspray, and then braid them. Then keep it like that for some time and once you open them, you’ll have natural curls flowing down your shoulders.

Hopefully these were helpful for you if we share this woes. We sure as hell ain’t going to your cousin’s wedding with just hair-brushed-and-left-open now!


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