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I Am Best Friends With My Younger Brother, And I Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way

My mom often tells this story at family or social gatherings, about how when I was 5/6 years old, I used to pray for a younger sibling to God, every night before going to bed (yeah, I was pretty well mannered as a kid). This would usually be accompanied by the story of how I spent a sleepless night alongside my parents when I was just 7 and was one of the very first people to say ‘hi’ to my baby brother.

The thing is, since that sunny September Sunday, my brother has been my best friend, always there to support me, if not to watch my back – even before he could walk or talk.

We have always been a team, him and me

Not that he didn’t irritate the hell out of me at times, which he still does. And I’ve made use of plenty opportunities to return him the favour. Yet at the end of the day I know I can always count on him, if not on anyone else. Because your sibling is your teammate by default; though whether it stays that way is only in your hands.

He helped to make me become responsible

From when he was a child, with his belief that “didi will take care of it”, my brother made me start becoming more responsible. From fixing a PB and J sandwich for him when none of the elders were around to helping him with studies, I started to take charge of things; and it eventually started having effect on things in my life that often used to go astray earlier.

His faith in me made me believe in myself

You know how innocent kids put all of their trust into someone, without having an ounce of cynicism? Now imagine a kid who loves you and thinks that “didi can do anything” and such is the power of that thought that you start believing in it yourself! My brother made me strive to achieve goals I thought were too high for me earlier. Being compared with “Sharmaji ka beta” cannot even begin to make you want to do better as a loving younger sibling who looks up to you can – trust me on that!

He taught me to put someone else’s needs before mine

I wouldn’t say I became selfless, but my brother certainly taught me how to not be selfish always. Maybe it’s all about priorities, but I’m glad that I have evolved in a person who is not the only priority in her life. After all, that’s what you end up becoming when you own up to your brother’s mischieves to save his ass, knowing full well that your back will be smarting in a while. But that’s what you do for the people you love!

He taught me that I am indeed capable of loving unconditionally

Sure, he makes me recharge his cell phone every once in a while; and I make him carry my bags whenever I get the chance, but jokes apart, I know for a fact that unlike any other relations, be it with my parents, with my friends, or with a partner, ours doesn’t have any space for disappointments. Because from some relations, you get more than you’ve ever expected without even thinking about asking for anything!

And more than anything, he taught me friendship

Even before we are siblings, we are friends. He’s the first person to know when I am dating someone, and I’m the first person he calls when he needs to discuss anything – from that horrible 17 out of 20 in history to that girl who has told him she likes him to when he burns his finger trying to make an omelette and needs to know what to do. We don’t talk every day, we don’t skype, we barely get to see each other few times every year, ever since I left home for college; yet I know we are always, always on the same page no matter what!

This is the indeed best relationship I have in my life and I cannot be more grateful for that. You were and are the best thing that has happened to me in my life, baby brother (I know you’ll be enraged at the phrase, but nothing doing) and I know you always will be!



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